Spitzel of Creative Von Weiss

Spitzel is the son of Enzo Vom Bonauer Wald and Sue Vom Saltzblick. The grandson of Javir Vom Talka Marda.

SpitzThis stud is a force not to be reckoned with. He is all muscle and eager to please. He is a bi-color east German Shepherd with an attitude. Spitzel is an all work line Shepherd and is currently in training to obtain his BH.

 He is 14 months old and will be an excellent stud when he is ready. As of now, Spitzel has not been bred. We will breed him once he obtains a title and reaches the age of at least 18 months old.

He is a powerhouse and will work hard to obtain his rewards. This future studs pups will not be for the general public. Only experienced handlers will be able to obtain these pups. Law Enforcement, personal protection and experienced and retired K9 handlers.

We look forward to seeing how far Spitzel will go with his training. Keep an eye on this one!

Spitzel Schutzhund Training 1-23-2016

SPITZEL Training May 9th 2015

Spitzel Von Weiss

Schutzhund Training

Javir Vom Talka Marda.

Spitzels' Grand Father