Oh Loki Vom Mittelwest

“Oh Loki” Vom Mittelwest is the son of Addie Vom Mittelwest and Idol Vom Zenteiche, grandson of Nino Von Tronje.

LokiOh Loki is a large boned young male who is drop dead gorgeous. He is a very handsome male and does well in any task given. Oh Loki is Schutzhund quality, show quality, and has an amazing personality. He plays hard and workers even harder just to please. He is loving, gentle and a brut all rolled up into one.

Oh Loki loves children and other animals. The gentle side of him loves to romp around and play ball with the children and tend to them when they cry by gently crawling into their lap and gives them love. The protection side of him will warn you, without hesitation, to keep your distance when you are intruding where you are not allowed to be.

He as a built in instinct to guard and protect is family. He is a hard hitter and means business when it comes to working and protecting. With a strong full bite, he loves to do protection work on the field.

This stud definitely knows he is in the spotlight! He loves to show off in front of the cameras and prances around like he is a star. Being the son of a long line of Seigers, Vice Seigers, and show winners, he knows where he comes from and is well bred within him.

Loki Schutzhund Training 01-23-16