Bear Von Weiss is the son of Ebba Von Der Stadtrand and Buddy “The Chomper” White.

He is a large stud and takes after his mother in looks. He is a definitely a jumper and scales walls with a breeze. Bear is an exception Patrol dog and always has something to say! He vocalizes when he makes his target and has a very loud deterring bark.

Bear Von WeissBears prey drive is high and he has no problem chasing a decoy down on a 1 acre field and hitting his target with full force. No matter if there are 3 cars, a tractor and a high ramp and a 10 foot wall in his way, he will get his target. After he hits his target he barks out loud as if to say “Yes..I got you!”

Bear loves children and plays gentle with them. Even though he is a “noisy boy”, he protects and loves his time with kids. If a child is crying he immediately noises off as to let the adults know there is something wrong. He is very attentive and sensitive to their needs, as well as his owners.

Bear is also a water dog and loves to swim and dive into the water with a big leap! Splashing around chasing the children in the water and he has learned to drag them back to shore when told. He is definitely an S&R dog. This comes instinctively to this stud.

Bear is like his father when it comes to studding. There is no time to waist and is equal to the task! He is an excellent breeder and father’s large litters with no need for a second shot. He knows the right time and will ease the feistiest female into a mating dance with no time for her to know what happened.

All in all, Bear has a great all around capacity that is wanted in a German Shepherd Dog.