Ira Gwen Von Waldhimmel

(Lady Gwen) Ira Von Waldhimmel is the daughter of Juneau v. Bullinger and Ica Vom Hanness.

GWEN-Ira-Von-WaldhimmelJuneau is a VA Schutzhund III and KKL1 and Ica is V Schutzhund I while an excellent breeder.

Ira, call name Lady Gwen, comes from superior breeding lines. With her entire bloodline being Schutzhund and show, we are anxiously looking forward to breeding her.

Ira is a long coat German Shepherd. She has been bred for superior looks and awesome red and black coloring. She has excellent coloring and was hip rated as “A” normal through the SV.

She has a very sweet temperament and knows she is beautiful! She takes any chance she has to show off in front of the camera and plays hard when she is done being the glamourous queen she is. Her attitude and ability to knock down a decoy has been well bred into her! She takes every chance she can get to take control over the field both with personality and hard work. She will not only dazzle you with her looks, but will awe you with her Schutzhund abilities.

She is very gentle with all puppies and will be an excellent breeder and mother with her own puppies. She is very protective and stands side by side with Ebba to make it known that no unwanted guests are aloud nearby. With her strong prey drive she stops at nothing to complete her task at hand.

With a very sweet disposition, she is excellent with children and loves a good belly rub from them. She is very protective of children and enjoys gentle play with them. She understands her role in their lives. This is another reason why she will be an excellent breeder.

Our goal is to breed her with our stud “Oh Loki” Vom Mittelwest. Keep an eye on this female!