Grace Von Weiss

Grace Von Weiss is the daughter of Ebba Von Der Stadtrand and Buddy “The Chomper”.

Grace-Von-WeissGrace is a long coat German Shepherd who has breed one litter to date. She is a very calm and quiet girl and is very attentive. Grace listens to everything around her and has a very keen sense of hearing. Graces favorite hobby is to quietly sneak up to bulls and cows and chase them off. She is a natural herder and loves to give chase. She has a high ball drive and loves to snuggle up to the family when worktime is over. She has her mother’s disposition and her father keen sense and looks.

Grace patrols our two acre property and wards off all unwanted quests. Because she is a smaller German Shepherd, she is very fast and comes after her target with lightning speed. She fits into very small areas most German Shepherd dogs cannot. This is what makes her excellent at search and rescue, drug search and patrol.

She loves the water and traveling on the boat. She never passes up an opportunity to do any type of water sports. She is like the energizer bunny when it comes to water!

Her love for children and her protectiveness of them makes her and her breeding a great candidate for a family dog.

She was an excellent breeder and mother with her first litter. We are looking forward to the next time she breeds.