Ebba Von Der Stadtrand

Ebba Von Der Stadtrand is the daughter of Wolverine Von Der Stadtrand and Aubrey Vom Hous Jonhson.

Ebba-Von-Der-StadstradEbba is a mild tempered breeding female and a wonderful mother. She has all the qualities a person would want in a German Shepherd. She is not only show quality, she is also personal protection, Schutzhund and a personal companion.

Ebba will stop at nothing to protect and guard her territory. She has the ability to switch from a mild mannered temperament to guard mode in a second and will not hesitate to engage. She has a high prey drive and loves to retrieve and herd. Highly energetic and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. In the field she is alert and sees everything that is going on around her. She will sit in the direction the distraction is and let you know there is an intruder or a problem in the area. Nothing gets past this girl.

Ebba also has a great sense of smell and can find narcotics as a well as follow a scent she is introduced to with ease. She thrives on doing a great job for she knows she has a great reward when she does her job… play ball!

There is no better breeder and mother. She not only takes great care of her own puppies and obsesses about their health, cleanliness and feedings, she also aids other Dames who are new to breeding by showing them the ropes. She helps clean other new mother’s pups and will push the pups towards the mother for feeding. Once Ebba knows the female has it right, she leaves the new mother to do their job.

All in all, Ebba is the most well rounded, excellent breeder and prefect German Shepherd around. We are proud to breed her bloodline and have her quality in the world of the German Shepherds.