Odin likes nothing more than hanging with his family and belly rubs. He is a big boned male with a heart of gold. If he hears a whimper from any animal person or child he goes running to see how he can help. He is a certified S&R1 dog as well as CGC2 and CGCA3 . Odin is the perfect teddy bear!

But don’t be fooled, he will protect his loved ones and alert you to intruders and will not hold back to protect you.


1. Search & Rescue
3. THE AKC COMMUNITY CANINE℠ (CGCA) TEST : To earn the CGCA title, the dog must be registered or listed with AKC (AKC number, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number) and, have a Canine Good Citizen award/title on record.

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