Dog Training


We control the environment we allow our dog to be in. We then control the dog in these environments by using a leash, an Ex-pen or a dog crate.

Management is one of the most important things new owners need to master. New dog’s or untrained dogs that are not managed will be allowed to practice or rehearse bad behavior that is satisfying to them. The more satisfying the behavior the more the dog will want to repeat the behavior. This bad behavior will then require much more work (training) to change than had the owner managed the dog from day one.

One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is they take their dog’s off-leash too quickly and that only leads to behavioral problems that could have been avoided had the dog been on-leash in the house and outside.


Obedience means the dog follows our commands when it’s in the environment we allow it to be in.


Socializing means the dog learns to feel comfortable in the environment we choose to put him in. It is important that new owners understand that there are some genetic or environmentally caused behaviors that some dogs will never feel comfortable around (I.E. dogs that are gun shy or dog’s with thunder phobias) Those dogs require better management and in the case of thunder may even require medication during thunder storms.

Socializing puppies can take many many months of management and work. Socializing adult dogs that have behavioral issues can take even longer. Those dogs should remain on-leash (managed) for that entire period.

Von Weiss kennels provides you with the dog training your puppy needs right from the start. Whether you have a young puppy from us, or an older dog that needs training, we can help!