Buddy The Chomper White

Buddy “The Chomper” is the son of Achilles Heel and McKellars Sprocket.

Buddy father was an officer of the NYPD for 7 years. They called him Achilles Heel because that is where he always took down his perp, on the heels.


Buddy, hands down, is a very well rounded stud. From loving and gentle to ready to work in a split second. Buddy takes every opportunity to work the decoy to the ground! He is fast as lightning and can sniff out any task he is given on a scent trail.

This stud has a powerful bite on the sleeve and can jump over a 10 foot of hurdle. His hips were rated excellent through the OFA and he is very strong and muscular.

Buddy has no tolerance for violence towards people and he will do all he can to put a stop to the abuser. His knack for person protection is a natural instinct to him. Any show of violence, Buddy will implant himself in between the victim and the abuser. If it turns physical, that is Buddy’s call to action.

Buddy’s favorite sport is swimming and water. Any chance he gets, this stud will pounce into the water and stay all day if you let him. As well, he loves to be soaked down with the hose and has his own private pool to swim in.

Buddy is the sire of our girl Grace and our boys Bear and Titan. As a stud, he knows exactly when a female is ready to breed and hits his target in record time. There is no time wasted with studding for this boy!

Buddy is also an excellent family dog. He loves to crash on the couch with the children and play ball with them. He knows when they do not feel well and snuggles up to them to keep them company. He will not leave their side until he knows they are better.

All in all this stud is a wonderful well rounded male.