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Silas was born on August 24 2018 to Spitzel and Gemma. Spitzel is a powerhouse with an amazing ability for scent detection, protection, sport and is also a great family dog. Gemma is a nurturing sweet girl who also does great scent work and herding and obedience.

There is no doubt that their pups would be wonderful and Silas is definitely that! With 80 hours of obedience, 65 hours of scent detection for diabetes, he will make an excellent dog for a medical alert dog or a companion for a person/child who needs motivation and devotion.

Unfortunately, Silas owners, who sent him to boarding and training, decided they would rather have Silas in a place where he could be better used.

Silas is priced at 5500.00 which includes ongoing training for either scent detection and obedience or training for a companion for a special needs child.


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