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Adoption Contract

Please Read Thoroughly - This Contract Contains A Release of Claims


This contract for adoption is between Von Weiss Kennels and Client

Von Weiss Kennels agrees herein to adopt said dog to the Client on the following terms:
The adoption fee for a German Shepherd puppy is $2,5000. ( Military price: $2,000.)
(Law enforcement and Military Vouchers prices attached with exhibit “A”. Monies required with the exception of possible shipping).

  1. The price shall be paid with $500.00 down payment. If the dog is to be shipped, payment must be in full, and all checks must be cleared before puppy can be shipped. There will also be a $400.00 shipping fee separate from the price of puppy/dog. There is absolutely no refunds on deposits or on return of dog(s) after they have been placed in their new home. We will not ship farther than 2000 miles.
  2. If Client can no longer keep the dog, it will be returned to Von Weiss Kennels or go to a home that is approved by Melissa Harrington White or Von Weiss Kennels.
  3. Von Weiss Kennels offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all puppies. If the client is unhappy with said puppy until the age of 6 months, Von Weiss Kennels will accept the return of the puppy in exchange for another puppy of equal value to be placed with the client at no cost for the replacement puppy. Any shipping and/or transportation costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the buyer for initial buyer price and/or any costs associated with the return of puppy and receiving of replacement puppy as well. Buyer fully understands that monetary refunds are not given, although buyer may receive a replacement puppy if client is not 100% satisfied for any reason with
    puppy purchased.
  4. There is absolutely NO refunds on payments to buyer. Replacement puppies only.
  5. Von Weiss Kennels does not guarantee ears to perk. IF client follows Von Weiss Kennels instructions on aiding the ears to perk, you should have no problem. Client agrees to call
    Von Weiss Kennels with any concerns or help if they are unsure of care.
  6. Client promises to call Von Weiss Kennels with any questions about how to raise your puppy and understands that no question is too silly to ask.
  7. The client agrees that your puppy MUST be microchipped and the microchip number must be provided to Von Weiss Kennels. If microchip number is NOT provided then you are at risk for having the puppy you adopted taken back due to breach of contract.
  8. If Von Weiss Kennels has proof and evidence of abuse or neglect of the dog, the client agrees that Von Weiss Kennels has the right to confiscate the dog with no refund and no further action will be taken by the owner. If your dog is found in a shelter or rescue, you lose your rights to your dog. Any PUPPY under 5 months old that becomes sick and hospitalized will IMMEDIATELY be returned to Von Weiss Kennels no matter what the reason. NO puppy exchange if the puppy was In your care for over 2 weeks.
  9. There is absolutely no refunds on deposits, payments of adoption price. If you cannot keep the dog, it will be returned to Von Weiss Kennels for placement to a new home. If you choose to rehome your dog, the new home must be approved by Von Weiss Kennels prior to rehoming.
  10. As per pre screening before you adopt your puppy, you may not live in an apartment. You must live in a house. It is not fair to the dog and they need space and a backyard. If Von Weiss Kennels receives information that you live in an apartment due to ANY circumstances, Von Weiss Kennels has the right and your permission, to come and get the puppy you purchased and rehome said puppy. If your situation changes in the future, Von Weiss Kennels may provide you with a puppy later when you show proof you are stable in a house.
  11. Von Weiss Kennels will not allow breeding of their bloodline.
  12. It is recommended by Von Weiss Kennels to spayed or neuter your dog after the age of 14 months old.
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Release of Liability

In exchange for, and in consideration of, the adoption of this dog to the Client, the Client agrees as follows:

  1. The Client hereby releases Von Weiss Kennels and its owner, Melissa Harrington White, from any and all responsibility for the modified behavior and/or actions of the dog following purchase.
  2. Client relinquishes any and all future claims and causes of action against Von Weiss Kennels, and/or Melissa Harrington/White for any actions of the dog following adoption.
  3. Client agrees that this Release shall apply to any and all spouses, heirs, relatives, family or other persons having any Claim through Client for any purpose, and that all persons shall be barred from asserting claims.
  4. Client agrees that this release of claims is a full and final release of any claims and all claims against Von Weiss Kennels and Melissa Harrington/White whether known or unknown, for any and all behavior and/or actions or non-actions of the dog following adoption and agrees that said release shall be indefinite and permanent. 
  5. Client agrees that this release shall act as a bar to any claim, effort at claim, and/or effort at litigation, relative to said claims.


  1. The Client further agrees that if any action is initiated, threatened or brought by any party against Von Weiss Kennels and/or Melissa Harrington White, whether by the Client and/or any third party who may be injured by the dog in the care of the Client, based on the dog’s behavior, actions, and/or non-actions, the Client will be fully financially responsible for the necessary defense of said claim by Von Weiss Kennels, Melissa Harrington White and the Client shall indemnify Von Weiss Kennels and the White’s for any and all fees and litigation expenses of said action, and if any said third party action results in any /or judgments entered, the Client shall indemnify Von Weiss Kennels from said judgments.
  2. In the event of any such third party claim based on the dog’s actions in the Client’s hands, Von Weiss Kennels and Melissa Harrington White shall have the right to select their own attorney and defend said claim, and the Client shall indemnify therefore.

Attorney Fees

  1. Buyer agrees that if any claim is made and/or action taken contrary to this Release of Claims, then the Client shall be responsible for any and all attorney fees and costs necessary for the enforcement of this Agreement against the Client; and the Client shall further be responsible for any and all attorney fees and costs necessary for the enforcement of the judgment, i.e., the collection of said judgment as against the Client.


  1. The parties agree that if any disputes arise over the terms or implementation of this contract, that any such dispute shall be submitted to arbitration under Arizona ARS laws; and that the party prevailing in said arbitration on the issue raised shall be responsible for indemnifying the other for all attorney fees and costs related to such arbitration proceeding.


  1. No promises or representations other than as exist herein are to be considered and/or relied upon in the execution of this agreement. This contract contains all agreements between the parties.

This adoption agreement is entered into by the Client at their request, voluntarily, freely, and with knowledge of the ramifications and the risks of accepting dogs into their family which may have had behavior modification for the purpose of protection.

Client has had the ability to review this matter with an attorney, if desired, and by signature hereunder, either confirms that they have had the contract so reviewed, or that they voluntarily waived review of said contract and understand, acknowledge, and accept all terms herein.

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